About Us

Welcome to Dave's Flaves, your one-stop destination for mouthwatering BBQ sauces, hot sauces, Corn Chicharrons, seasonings, and irresistible snacks! Located in the heart of Chilliwack, BC, our family-owned company is dedicated to crafting the most delectable and unforgettable flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Our Story

Dave's Flaves was born out of a passion for exceptional flavors and a love for bringing people together over delicious food. Our founder, Dave, grew up in a household where meals were not just sustenance but an experience filled with laughter, joy, and shared memories. He inherited his family's treasured recipes and a desire to create unique culinary delights that would delight all who tasted them.

With years of experimentation, dedication, and the support of friends and family, Dave's Flaves was established in 2022, with market booths offering a few varieties of BBQ sauces and seasoned Corn Chicharrons. The response was overwhelming, and our products quickly gained a loyal following in Chilliwack and beyond.

Our Philosophy

At Dave's Flaves, we firmly believe that exceptional food starts with the finest ingredients. We source locally whenever possible, working closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure the highest quality and freshest ingredients find their way into our products. Each batch is carefully crafted, ensuring that every bottle, jar, and bag delivers a burst of authentic and wholesome flavors.

Our Product Range

BBQ Sauces: Our signature BBQ sauces are a harmonious blend of sweet, tangy, and smoky notes that enhance the taste of your grilled and smoked meats. Whether you're a fan of classics or crave bold, experimental flavors, our BBQ sauces will elevate your barbecue game to a whole new level.

Hot Sauces: For those seeking a fiery adventure, our hot sauces range from mild to mouth-scorching. Made with a variety of chili peppers and unique spice combinations, they add a thrilling kick to any dish.

Corn Chicharrons: A crunchy and addictive snack, our Corn Chicharrons are made from top-quality corn, perfectly seasoned to satisfy your snack cravings any time of the day.

Seasonings: Elevate your home-cooked meals with our thoughtfully curated seasonings. From all-purpose blends to cuisine-specific flavors, our seasonings are a chef's secret weapon to create culinary masterpieces.

Snacks: Besides Corn Chicharrons, we offer an array of other delightful snacks, ranging from savory to sweet, to keep you munching happily.

Community and Sustainability

As a proud member of the Chilliwack community, we believe in giving back and supporting local initiatives. We actively participate in community events, contribute to charitable causes, and strive to minimize our environmental impact through sustainable practices.

Join the Dave's Flaves Family

At Dave's Flaves, we're more than just a condiment and snack company; we're a family united by a love for outstanding flavors. We invite you to explore our diverse range of products, which are sure to satisfy all taste preferences and culinary adventures.

Come visit us at one of the markets or browse our online shop to experience the rich and diverse world of Dave's Flaves. From backyard barbecues to gourmet feasts, our products will make every meal a memorable and delightful experience. Thank you for being a part of our flavorful journey!